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Aloha evolving cradle

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This product will be available by the 25/11/2026.
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Scalable baby bed made in France and organically! Water color.

1: cradle from birth 40x80 with bamboo mattresses made in France included!
2: baby bed, 70x140cm bed, adjustable bed base height, optional mattress
3: junior bed 70x140cm, from approximately 3 years old.

The changing table becomes a nice storage unit!
Optional changing mat
Total dimension: 144x78x95cm

The bed will accompany your child's nights from birth until the age of 5 to 6 years.
How is the Aloha combined evolving baby bed made?

The Aloha baby bed according to its evolution presents children's beds with a modern Scandinavian design mixing wood and white.
Firstly, in the combined format, you will sleep your baby in his 40x80 cm cradle bed with one side with bars. A real little cocoon combined with multiple storage spaces. You have a changing table to take care of your baby, you can also store diapers and toiletries.
No worries, in the cradle bed position, the 40x80 cm Airsens mattress is provided, it is made up of breathable honeycomb foam and a natural bamboo fiber ticking providing anti-perspirant freshness. The 40x80 cm baby mattress is anti-mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
As soon as your baby grows up and needs more space, you can separate the changing table from his baby bed with bars. Your child will sleep in a 70x140 cm bed with round bar sides reminiscent of old baby beds. For more safety but also better comfort for parents, the bed base is adjustable to 3 heights.
Once separated from the baby bed, the changing table can be positioned according to your wishes and the decoration of the baby's room. You will always have plenty of storage space under the changing surface.

Finally, when your baby feels cramped and grows wings to get in and out of his bed, you will transform the bed with bars into a child's bed by replacing the bars with two sides of a classic bed. The Aloha children's bed remains in dimensions 70x140 cm. Its bed base is made of pine slats and is placed on the bed frame.
The Aloha evolving baby bed is made in France.

The Sofamo factory, located in Andilly in France, pools the skills and know-how of its teams to manufacture an evolving baby bed that complies with the safety and manufacturing standards imposed by French and European regulations.
The Aloha baby bed is carefully packaged in recycled and recyclable boxes so as not to be damaged during delivery.
The Aloha evolving baby bed is made from ecological materials.

We design our children's furniture, including the Aloha convertible baby bed, from ecological wood in 1.9 cm thick MDF panels. The wood comes from French forests managed sustainably to allow the natural renewal of the trees.
Wood panels contain a level of formaldehyde lower than the authorized standard.
The paint we use is ecological and partly composed of water, without solvents dangerous to your baby's health.

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